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Adelyn Nottingham

Adelyn Nottingham

Chief Executive Officer, Nottingham Marketing

Breakout 2: Friday, June 2 | 2:30 p.m.

"The eComm Evolution of Nonprofit Marketing: The Journey of Building a Brand with Scarce Resources"

This session concentrates on economically challenged communication plans for nonprofits and small organizations in the modern age. This session will provide my personal insight through my journey as marketing and communications professional working with scarce budgets in a rapidly evolving digital world. 

Takeaways: Participants will learn about the different marketing and communication tools/resources that can be utilized for little to cost to help maximize revenue for small organizations and nonprofits. Participants will also learn how to effectively build a network within their local communities that will help take both their organization and profession to the next level.


As Director of Programs and Communications of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, Adleyn Nottingham is responsible for all  communications/marketing as well as leading integral programs for the Chamber that include our Leadership Greer program which has been around for 43 years. Previously, she worked for Clemson University as a front line fundraiser and have worked in the nonprofit sector. Adelyn came to South Carolina after undergrad and did the IMC program while working full time. She started her career making $13,000 and was able to quintuple her salary in 6 years. She had lived on food stamps and worked several jobs at a time to get to where she is now. Adelyn is writing a book right now that seeks to advise young professionals with limited means on how to climb the career latter and attain their dream job.  

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