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Allison Keaton

Allison Keaton

Senior Social Media Manager, Impakt Results

Breakout 4: Saturday, June 3 | 1:30 p.m.

"Social Media Ad Buying in 2023"

As a senior social media manager, it is imperative to work continually with clients to develop innovative and creative strategies for advancing their digital marketing efforts. This includes creating winning ad visuals with copy and testing out various optimizations for increasing campaign performance. This presentation will also highlight Facebook and Instagram campaign tips such as: different campaign objectives, budget allocation, campaign setup, and tactics for targeting within the ad set levels. In addition, social media work as a whole and action plan creation for new clients will be discussed.  A summary of career lessons learned will also be provided.


1. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Senior Social Media Manager in 2023.

2. They will learn innovative ad strategies that are currently working well on Facebook and Instagram.

3. They will also hear what it is like to work with various e-commerce industries and brands.


Allie Keaton is the Senior Social Media Manager at Impakt Results, a digital marketing agency in Morgantown. She works with e-commerce businesses across the country, including several big brands within the motocross industry like FMF, GUTS Racing, GNCC, and USA BMX. Allie primarily creates and executes ads for clients on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and sends out weekly promotional emails. Some of her additional responsibilities include leading meetings to create plans for clients’ new product releases, discounts, etc.; choosing ad visuals and writing copy; launching the ads; and optimizing the campaigns to improve performance. Allie is constantly striving to develop new and innovative strategies for advancing her clients and their brands to the next level.

 In addition to managing her own client load, Allie serves on the Impakt Results leadership team. She is responsible for overseeing clients’ campaigns and helping with the training of new Impakt employees. 

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