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Larry Stultz

Larry Stultz

Online faculty, WVU College of Media, IMC Graduate Program

Workshop: Saturday, June 3 | 8:30 a.m.

"Imposter Phenomenon: Build Your Creative Confidence"

Atlanta psychologist Dr. Suzanne Imes said in an NPR interview, “The imposter phenomenon is a feeling by many high-achieving people that they're not as intelligent, as creative, as able as other people think they are, and they live in a constant fear that somebody is going to find that out.” (Opong, 2021) This can affect us professionally, academically and in our personal relationships. (Benesek, 2022) We will look at ways to recognize and break out of the imposter phenomenon, build self-confidence and perform at the high level we expect of ourselves. 

This workshop will apply creative thinking activities that are interesting, fun and proven to generate ideas and possible solutions to particular needs of every member of the group. 

We will look into Life’s Universal Journey. We have all been storing experiences and ideas since before we were born. Amazingly, we all share most of them. We will work as a group on Random Stimulus Response, an unpredictable way to unlock our creative minds with totally unexpected insights. And we will try our hand at spontaneous Storytelling with “The Gift in the Light.” 

We will become aware that nothing simply hits us “out of the blue.” Creativity is hard work, and we are all born to do it. We can all create. Not one of us is an imposter. 


Become more confident in personal creative thinking abilities 

Explore options and ideas using techniques in conceptualizing 

Articulate an idea or concept


Larry Stultz, Ph.D., has been on the IMC faculty since 2007 teaching Creative Strategy and Execution. He served as department chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising program at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he taught courses in conceptual thinking and campaign development. He also taught creative campaigns at Atlanta’s Portfolio Center. Prior to entering the teaching phase of his life, he operated design and advertising firms in New Orleans and Atlanta with clients in hospitality and tourism, commercial real estate, corporate communications, health care and social services. He provides ideation facilitation and consulting services.

Stultz holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Visual Design from Purdue University, and he earned his Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Georgia State University in 2006.

Stultz spends time camping, hiking and fly fishing, and he is a Site Steward with the National Park Service at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.