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Stephen Mackey

Stephen Mackey

Chief Digital Officer, W2 Communications

Keynote: Friday, June 2 | 8:30 a.m.

"The Road Most Bumpy: An Entrepreneur's Journey from Touring Audio Engineer to Web Developer to Winemaker & Brewer to Digital Marketing Executive"

Hear inspiring, emotional and comical tales firsthand as Stephen takes you from his days touring the world with rockstars, to building websites from a laptop on tour buses, to becoming a developer running a software team in India, and on to becoming the Chief Digital Officer for a DC-based integrated marketing agency. You will learn what it really means to live according to the mantra, “don’t think, just do.” You will experience the intersection of family, entrepreneurship, technology, public service, and volunteerism while coming to understand how creative problem solving, multi-tasking, and unwavering tenacity are the keys to forging your own path and creating your own destiny.


1. Gain a new understanding of how seemingly disparate life experiences can come full circle to accentuate and enhance later endeavors, both personal and professional.

2. Learn how to identify risk, navigate failure and set goals in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

3. Learn how to quickly assimilate and leverage (or jettison) new technologies to keep creating efficiencies and successes. 

4. Learn Stephen’s #1 secret for enhancing both your creativity and your productivity.


A dynamic public speaker and Telly-award winning producer and director, Stephen brings to W2 Communications a wide range of experience in all facets of digital marketing, multimedia production, including executive video production, scriptwriting, audio engineering, production design, software development, digital media product management, as well as technology and operations executive management. His keen ability to assimilate emerging technologies enables W2 to deliver effective, relevant, and profitable solutions for our clients’ successful business initiatives. He has conceived, coded, patented and brought to market a wide array of digital media, web, and multimedia solutions. Engaged internationally as an audio engineer and event producer, his work has taken him to six continents with entertainers such as Matchbox20, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Ted Nugent, Jars of Clay, Amy Grant, Tanya Tucker, Midnight Oil, and Julio Iglesias.

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