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Integrate 2022 Recap

Integrate 2022 in Morgantown, West Virginia, featured speakers from across the country who shared insights on DEIB, personal branding, humanizing marketing and more. Use the resources below to get inspiration and implement new ideas into your marketing communications.

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What you missed at Integrate 2022

We hope you enjoyed your time at West Virginia University and that the incredible speakers left you feeling energized, empowered and excited about the future of marketing communications.

As you continue your professional journey, take a look back on the lessons presented at Integrate 2022. Use the resources below to refresh your memory on the key takeaways, get inspiration and implement new ideas into your marketing communications.

Opening Keynote: "The Most Human Company Wins"

Presented by Mark Schaefer
Social Media Marketing Consultant and Author
View Mark's Presentation

Panel Discussion: Creative Strategy

Kristi Hansen Onkka, Kristin Meeks, Larry M. Stultz and David Hazelton. Moderated by Matthew Cummings.

Featured Speaker: "Persuasive Communications"

Presented by Karen Naumann
Public Affairs & Communication Strategy Directorate Senior Instructor at the Defense Information School (DINFOS)

Marketing Horizons First Half Roundup 2022

Presented by Ruth Stevens and Cyndi Greenglass

Panel Discussion: The Future of Marketing Communications

Brandi Boatner, Sukhi Sahni and Ruth Stevens. Moderated by Whitney Drake.

Featured Speaker: "What's New and What's Working in B2B Marketing Today"

Presented by Ruth Stevens
B2B Marketing Consultant, Author and Educator
View Ruth's Presentation

Featured Speaker: "PR is not free. Show me the money."

Presented by Sukhi Sahni
Senior Vice President and Head of Brand Communications at Wells Fargo
View Sukhi's Presentation

Keynote: "Military Communication Professionals: Ways Military Public Affairs is similar to Corporate Communications"

Presented by Lt. Col. Charles Patterson
Public Affairs and Communication Strategy Directorate Leader at the Department of Defense Information School (DINFOS)

Keynote: "Engagement, Experiences and Empathy in the age of DEIB"

Presented by Brandi Boatner
Manager of Digital and Advocacy Communications for IBM
View Brandi's Presentation

Keynote: "Let's create a Million Social Media Jobs Together"

Presented by Dennis Yu
Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics

Featured Speaker: "Who cares? How to identify your brand’s audience"

Presented by Tradd Salvo
Group Director of Analytics at Huge
View Tradd's Presentation

Featured Speaker: “But I’m Not a Brand!” — How to Build a Personal Brand that’s Bigger

Presented by Brianne Fleming
Brand Marketing Consultant and Social Media Strategist
View Brianne's Presentation

Workshop: Data Marketing Storytelling

Presented by Josh Wilson
Vice President of Marketing for Whitefish Credit Union
View Josh's Presentation

Workshop: Why I Think Content Marketing is Boring and What I'm Doing to Change That!

Presented by Kristin Meeks
Founder and Owner of WV Social Media Consultants, LLC
View Kristin's Presentation

Closing Keynote: "Seismic Marketing Shift: How To Profitably Attract, Nurture and Retain Your Audience"

Presented by Heidi Cohen
Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide and President at Riverside Marketing Strategies
View Heidi's Presentation


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