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Jamie Henretta

Jamie Henretta

Creative Manager, Lowe's Company Inc.

Workshop: Thrusday, June 1 | 1 p.m.

"Smashing Silos - How to Change the Marketing vs. Creative Mentality"

The 'Us vs Them' mentality between marketing and creatives has become a serious business problem. Strategy is being developed without synergy between the teams, and creative concepts are being compromised. Campaigns are at serious risk of not meeting business goals. The best work is being sabotaged by preferences, poor processes, and a lack of trust. 

Today's marketing mix will not tolerate this mentality. Now more than ever marketers are expected to create dynamic content in support of integrated marketing campaigns. Success requires strong leadership and healthy relationships between teams. It is a non-negotiable. Of course, this is easier said than done. 

Creative Directors, Jamie Henretta (Lowe's, Dickey’s Barbecue - WVU IMC Class of 2016) and Nathan Pieratt (The Marketing Arm, Epsilon, - WVU IMC class of 2013), breakdown this battle royale and provide best practices on how to smash silos and disrupt the disconnect between marketing and creative teams. 


How to identify the stress points between teams 

How to influence creative synergy between teams 

Tips for breaking down silos 

Team building techniques vs forced fun 

How to leverage performance data for ideation/inspiration 


With a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications and decades of deep experience in creating, cultivating, and nurturing brands, Jamie is that elusive Creative who achieves business goals and objectives through the power of exceptional, research-supported integrated brand marketing.

Jamie has successfully managed multi-disciplinary creative teams in privately owned and corporate creative settings, maintaining an open, inclusive work environment where every team member contributes their best efforts and ideas to the creative process.