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Michelle Forshner

Michelle Forshner

Senior Digital Experiences Manager, Genentech

Customer Journey Mapping to Provide Meaningful Experiences for Your Launch

This engaging, hands-on session will put us all in the shoes of the customer - in a way that may surprise you. What is the customer actually experiencing? What motivates them? What do they truly want and what are they trying to solve for? Learn about Customer Journey Mapping and its application to product launches, program releases, fundraising initiatives, healthcare, environment and more. Dive into how to design a Customer Journey Map and see how this map - or Blueprint - can drive all successive work, strategy, and planning while keeping the customer experience front and center. Explore User Story creation and how thet turn customer experiences and marketing strategy into actionable plans.


1. Learn the concept of Customer Journey-Mapping 

2. Discover how traditional Stanford d.School Design Thinking and Persona Development influence (but do not replace!) Customer Journey Mapping 

3. Understand the development of the Launch Blueprint, entirely informed from this Customer Journey 

4. Learn about User Stories and how to write them! 

5. Have a great time with sticky notes on the walls


Michelle imagines, creates, scales, and operationalizes digital marketing solutions and systems to reach customers with digital experiences that not only resonate, but drive that next best action. She leverages her healthcare marketing experience and nonprofit/startup creative thinking with a passion for problem-solving and technology to deliver digital experiences that engage customers and drive business results. Energized by executing big ideas on time constraints, customer feedback loops, systems design, design thinking, and change management, Michelle loves to tackle the toughest business problems while keeping the Customer Journey + Experience center in driving solutions. 

Michelle serves in digital and omnichannel leadership roles in the biotech sector: Senior Digital Experiences Manager at Genentech, Inc., and a part-time rotation with the Global Customer Journey Team at Roche Diagnostics. She has worked in digital marketing, user experience, and communications for nearly two decades, keeping her entrepreneurial spirit alive with her small creative and strategic design firm part-time, Michelle Forshner Consulting. She is a California native and lives in San Francisco.