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2023 Integrate Online

Integrate Online May 1 at 12 p.m. EDT | From Ideas to Impact: Unleash the Power of Creativity in Your Marketing Campaigns

From Ideas to Impact: Unleash the Power of Creativity in Your Marketing Campaigns

Monday, May 1
at 12 p.m. EDT via Zoom

If you want to make sure your campaigns stand out, you can't afford to overlook the importance of an impactful creative strategy. Our panel of seasoned experts will give you advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome, find inspiration and create messaging that truly resonates with your audience. They’ll share personal experiences, practical tips and proven strategies to help you build your confidence and stay curious, all while learning how to build impactful marketing campaigns.

Join Kristin, Nathan and Larry live via Zoom for an inspiring session or sign up to receive the session recording.

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Missed a session? View the archive to catch the latest topics.

New Year, New Opportunities: Five Things You Should Do to Refresh Your Personal Brand in 2023

Five Things You Should Do to Refresh Your Personal Brand in 2023

We are in the midst of a watershed moment in workplace culture—in what has become known as the Great Reshuffle. Now is an opportune time to reconsider what you are most passionate about and refresh your personal brand for the new year.

With a new year comes new opportunities. Cultivating a clear personal brand can reveal new prospects and help you make a positive impression. With the right approach, personal branding can be a powerful tool for reaching your goals and creating more meaningful connections.

Make a resolution this year to invest in yourself, refresh your personal brand, and get ahead of the game with insights into key trends in personal branding in 2023.

Making Your Mark: Promoting One of the Top Bourbons in the World

Making Your Mark: Promoting One of the Top Bourbons in the World

Maker’s Mark has maintained its integrity and traditions from humble beginnings in Kentucky to becoming a globally recognized brand. Doe-Anderson, a creative agency based in Louisville, KY, will join us to discuss how the mission of this legacy brand has stayed true to its roots over the years — all while its marketing evolves.

During this session, presenters will discuss the origin of the brand, recent environmental and conservation efforts, corporate social responsibility work, PR endorsements, promotion of the spirits and maintaining relationships with those who connect with the brand.

As an added bonus, get a sneak peek at the Maker’s Mark 2022 Holiday campaign to learn how this (soon to be) iconic branding came to life.

This session is brought to you by the award-winning Public Relations Student Society of America at WVU.

The Authenticity Boom in Marketing Communications

The Authenticity Boom in Marketing Communications

Making genuine connections is one of the best ways to stand out in a competitive digital world. As a result, brands are adapting their traditional messaging to connect with consumers at a deeper level. This panel will explore the authenticity boom, a recent trend in the marketing communications industry.

  • The true value of being authentic in your marketing.
  • Tangible ways to become more authentic when connecting with your audience online.
  • How to break down barriers to bring out your authentic self.
  • Where to draw the line when becoming more authentic online.
The future of marketing communications

The Future of Marketing Communications

What is the future of the marketing communications industry? Join us for a panel discussion on Friday, June 3, 2022, featuring industry pros Brandi Boatner, Sukhi Sahni, Ruth Stevens, and Dennis Yu to exercise some future-casting on our rapidly changing industry.

Focusing on the latest trends shaping our fast-evolving industry, Integrate Online will cover emerging topics like how to adjust your communications in a digital realm with the need for social distancing, how to break through the clutter during a time of crisis, the best digital marketing tools and more. No matter how you engage customers, Integrate will help you do it better.

Looking for more ways to engage? Learn industry insights through Integrate Online, as well as the Marketing Communications Today blog and podcast.

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