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Matthew Staudt

Matthew Staudt

Founder/President, Jam Street Media

Breakout 4: Saturday, June 3 | 1:30 p.m.

"Podcasts for Brands are Content Machines"

Podcasts for brands have exploded in the last two years with just about every major brand making a move into the space. My company alone has worked with Ford, Pfizer, Estee Lauder, VistaPrint, and Nissan, just to name a few. One thing marketers don't always realize is how much content is generated for their channels from one podcast. Video, written content, and social media clips can all come from one show. In this session, we will talk about what a podcast for a brand is and isn't, why brands are finding them an effective way to communicate to their customers and peers, and how to make the most content from one podcast. 


What is a podcast for brands? 

Why are brands making podcasts? 

What are some successful brand built podcasts.

Why a podcast is top-of-funnel content creation. 

How to build a successful podcast for a brand.


Matty Staudt is a podcasting pioneer. Fifteen years ago he left a successful radio career to join the founding team at Stitcher and has been in podcasting ever since. He has helped develop close to 400 shows, and numerous networks and was the first VP of Podcasting at iHeartRadio where he helped build that network. Matty is also an educator teaching podcasting and social media marketing classes at the Academy of Art University and West Virginia University and the Founder of Jam Street Media. He is a Webby Winner, and Ambie nominated podcaster with a passion for working with creators.

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