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Shane Stender

Shane Stender

Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, SilverBack Advertising

Breakout 3: Friday, June 2 | 3:45 p.m.

"The Fascinating World of OTT and Programmatic Media Buying: Everything IMC Marketers Need to Know"

Do you start your day reading the news online with coffee? Tuning into a podcast on your commute? Coming home and streaming your favorite show or live sports event? 

The open internet powers consumers daily rituals and for marketers, the ability to buy media through programmatic trade desks allows marketers to solve for identity challenges, audience challenges, cross device attribution, tactical allocation, and creative performance. In this session, we’ll deep dive into what is this ecosystem of programmatic and how marketers can best utilize it to achieve results. 

What we’ll cover: 

• What is programmatic media buying, What makes programmatic media buying special and what are trading desks 

• How programmatic media opens the door for online and offline attribution to streaming video content, including connectedTV. 

• Techniques advanced marketers are using in their programmatic media campaigns 

• How programmatic can break down tactical silos and truly let marketers make real time decisions on data-based strategy. 

• Audience first strategies redefining the media mix through programmatic ad delivery. 

• Guide for marketers to assess a quality Demand Side Platform for programmatic and streaming media that fits their business needs. 

Takeaways: When they leave the session participants will know the follow: 

1. General understanding for the programmatic media buying space within the open internet 

2. Techniques to enhance programmatic media buying practices 

3. types and benefits of online and offline attribution that can be leveraged in programmatic advertising 

4. Understanding of being audience driven and how to reduce offline tactical decisions in favor of data driven open tactic delivery 

5. A guide for determining what demand side platform would be best for your business/agency needs. How to qualify a DSP. 


As Managing Partner with SilverBack, Shane oversees all operations including digital operations, sales, and account services. SilverBack is an established full service advertising and marketing operation including media buying (both traditional and digital), programmatic media buying, and more. They represent local, regional, and national accounts.

Shane is experienced with emerging programmatic technology and other emerging digital media trends, and pursue how to best incorporate these tools into media buying and execution.

He has led large and small presentations to groups of 100+ participants and has spoken at conferences and been a guest speaker on numerous podcasts and webinars. He recently presented to Experian Automotive staff of over 100 people at their annual conference and Urban Science and Amazon about the programmatic world and educational focus regarding what can be accomplished with programmatic in the open internet.

Shane is a WVU alumni two times over (undergrad and grad).

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