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Megan Canavan

Megan Canavan

Senior Consultant, Environmental Resource Management

Breakout 2: Friday, June 2 | 2:30 p.m.

"Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement"

The presentation will walk through the recommended approach to stakeholder engagement through a comprehensive strategic communications and community engagement plan. I will discuss the various components, including research, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement strategies and tactics, and risk mitigation. 

Takeaways: At the conclusion of the presentation, guests will have a better understanding of what it means to "meaningfully" engage with communities, how to implement risk mitigation into their project efforts, and new and innovative ways to spark and encourage two-way dialogue with residents.


Megan has more than a decade of experience in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and public administration. Megan currently serves as a senior consultant with Environmental Resource Management (ERM) in Charlotte, North Carolina, helping clients in the oil and gas, renewables, tech and mining industries navigate stakeholder engagement. Much of Megan’s career experience has been serving in the public sector, serving in the role of Assistant City Manager and Communications Director for the City of Powell, Ohio, and as Public Information Officer for the City of Dublin, Ohio. She started her professional career as the Coalition Manager for a nonprofit organization in Charleston, West Virginia. Megan has managed comprehensive communication plans for local communities that include a significant amount of public input and engagement on issues such as infrastructure, taxes and more.