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Justin Hoot

Justin Hoot

Partner, Someoddpilot

Breakout 3: Friday, June 2 | 3:45 p.m.

"Clients Gonna Client"

This is a presentation on client services within the creative/advertising industry. While it may not seem as glamorous as creative, copywriting, art direction or production, I argue that a good client services team is not only necessary for the growth and retention of the business, but can contribute to creative work in a myriad of positive ways. 

Modern problems take modern solutions. Client services is no different. Gone, should be the days of silo’d teams across account and creative and the destructive energy of line drawing amongst teams. After all, the real battle is the work. 

I’ll share strategies for closing the gap between internal teams, blueprint the experience that clients are looking for from modern agencies, and offer advice on building client relationships based on mutual trust, interest, fairness, and profitability. My presentation will also be peppered with real life experiences (some terrifying), anecdotes (many hilarious), and examples from my 15 year career in music, entertainment, and creative services. This is an area of the industry that I’m extraordinarily passionate about that I don’t think gets the attention, admiration, or praise that it deserves. 


1. A fresh take and definition of what client service means 

2. A blueprint for creating a top notch client experience

3. A roadmap for better client relationships (trust, interest, fairness, and profitability) 


Over the last 14 years, Justin Hoot has led innovative and groundbreaking work for some of the biggest brands and entertainers in the world, including: Converse, Chaco, Smith Optics, Jordan, Patagonia, Budweiser, Activision, Sonos, VH1, and The Fader, as well as major label recording artists Beyoncé, Modest Mouse, Future, Bleachers, and many many more.

Currently, Hoot is one of the partners, and the Director of Client Services at Someoddpilot, a creative company in Chicago. He works alongside the other four partners in the business and an expansive creative team to deliver high caliber branding, campaign, and digital work for our clients.

Hoot is a two time graduate from West Virginia University, having earned both his Bachelor's degree and Masters from the IMC program.

When not working or teaching, he likes to play music, hike, and camp with his family. He lives outside of Chicago with hiswife and three children.

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