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Integrate is all about connecting the people, ideas and technologies that allow us to communicate - communicate with each other, with target audiences and with the organizations targeting us.

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Integrate is an experience designed for today's marketing communications professional.

Integrate focuses on the latest trends shaping the fast-evolving marketing communications industry. Speakers cover emerging subjects like data-driven marketing decision-making or how virtual reality changes the ways we can engage target audiences. They give us an inside look at some of the industry-shifting campaigns that have changed how we feel about brands.

Just like the industry shifts, so does Integrate. When the Conoravirus pandemic swept the world in late 2019, and the United States specifically in early 2020, the in-person Integrate conference scheduled for May was cancelled. But our marketing communications experts had a lot to say about what was happening in their different industries. Thus, Integrate Online was born. Integrate Online allows us to share not only the latest in the industry, but how our industry is reacting to topical, current events and situations.

Integrate is presented by the West Virginia University Reed College of Media which offers renowned online master's degree programs in Integrated, Digital and Data Marketing Communications.

“I’ve spoken at a lot of different conferences and was pleasantly surprised at the level of camaraderie and genuine conversation that took place among the attendees and speakers at the Integrate Conference. I’m hesitant to even call it ‘networking’ because it seemed like we were all old friends who were learning from each other’s experiences.” - Steve Radick, VP, director of public relations and content integration | BRUNNER