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Amy Teller

Amy Teller

Online Adjunct Instructor, West Virginia University

Breakout 1: Friday, June 2 | 10 a.m.

"Brand Yourself: 4 Steps to Building an Authentic Personal Brand"

Why should you brand yourself? Because if you do not actively define your brand, others will define it for you. Personal branding gives you the tools to reframe the narrative surrounding your brand image and to manage how that brand is perceived. 

Building an authentic personal brand empowers you on a personal and professional level. It allows you to unpack your core competencies and how your unique skillsets can offer value to others. It helps you to focus your efforts and actions in a way that steers the direction of your career goals. It differentiates you and allows you to position yourself strategically in the workplace. 

When your brand is well-considered, it attracts the right opportunities and experiences for you. 

This presentation will provide the concrete tools and resources you need to cultivate your brand, create a professional online presence, and communicate your personal brand promise on- and off-line. 


1. Authenticity is essential. People can see inauthenticity from a mile away. Be transparent and genuine to build trust and credibility 

2. Consistency is key. Know your brand and communicate a clear and consistent brand message throughout all your interactions. 

3. Make meaningful connections with others. Your personal network is your greatest asset and your greatest resource.


Amy Teller is an online adjunct instructor for WVU’s Digital Marketing Communications Program at the Reed College of Media, where she teaches Intro to Digital Marketing Communications, Mobile Marketing, Customer Engagement, Ethics and Strategy, and Audience Segmentation. In addition to her work at WVU, Amy is also an instructor at The College of William & Mary, where she teaches Marketing in the Online MBA and Online Masters of Science in Marketing programs and is a recent recipient of the 2021 Faculty Excellence Award for the Online MBA program.

Her current endeavors include pursuing a doctorate in educational policy, planning, and leadership from William & Mary and working as a marketing consultant—including leading seminars on Personal Branding for companies such as JPMorgan Chase.

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