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Danielle Rohe

Danielle Rohe

Senior Data Program Manager, Content & SEO, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book for Cox Automotive

Workshop: Saturday, June 3 | 8:30 a.m.

"Deconstructing Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) to Understand Organic Search Performance"

Does a day go bye where you haven’t Googled something? In the moment, you probably don’t really think about how or why the results might be presented in the way that they are. But, when you are responsible for earning website traffic from Google, you start to, well, obsess over the results and rankings. But search ranking has changed a lot in the past decade where “10 blue links” below some ads doesn’t really exist anymore. This workshop will briefly explain how Google search has changed from “strings to things” through the Google Knowledge Graph (KG) and what a knowledge graph is. Then we will review different search results pages (SERPs) that represent various presentations of the KG, including search queries provided by the participants. By clicking into “winning” results and poking around on the ranking page, we will determine what on-page elements are supporting the way it was presented in the SERP. As we explore different SERPs, we will also discuss different search intent and how slight query modifications change the intent and results.


 - Understanding how Google search has changed and its SERP features 

Seeing how different on-page elements lead to SERP features 

- Free resources for testing how your page appears to Googlebot 

- Understanding structured data, how it relates to knowledge graphs, and free tools for testing structured data and how it may present in search and social media 

- Learn how to debug on-page elements that impact search results 

- Bonus: see how the recent AI integrations through Google Bard and Bing's ChatGPT are (or aren't) impacting search this year


Danielle Rohe is currently a Senior Data Program Manager for the Content & SEO team at Cox Automotive working on and She is responsible for not only reporting on the content and organic search efforts but also building automations to support creating content at scale and monitoring search results changes. After earning her bachelor's degree in public relations, Danielle started her career in radio sales which changed into a "new media" role with the rise of digital and social assets.  From that experience, Danielle was exposed to some coding and continued to learn more of it on her own. Following some corporate communications and content marketing roles, she pivoted into web development. Although building things was fun, she missed writing and understanding the why. SEO, which she dabbled in previously, was the best way to combine her technical skills with content and strategy and is where Danielle has been focused in her career for the past  5 years now.

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