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Leveraging Content Creation for Client Ready Portfolios

Wednesday, June 10

Now more than ever, social media is a defining factor in individual and brand credibility. The ability to craft cohesive, engaging content is a crucial skill for job seekers and budding professionals. How can these individuals utilize their own social media channels and content creation abilities to craft a client-ready portfolio for job interviews? Join our expert panel for a discussion about how to craft content that showcases industry-level expertise.

  • Kelly Ann Collins

    CEO of Vult Lab

    Kelly Ann Collins is the CEO of Vult Lab, a fast-growing digital and social media marketing services firm that works with national and international brands.

  • Kristin Meeks

    Owner of WV Social Media Consultants

    Kristin Meeks is a consultant that specializes in the integration of digital and traditional marketing practices.

  • Mark Tietbohl

    Mentor and Consultant

    In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor for Web Analytics/SEO and Mobile Marketing in the IMC program, Mark Tietbohl is currently engaged in providing marketing and business development strategy support to technology industry clients.