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Secret Sauce of Marketing Career Success: Change Management

Wednesday, June 17
Featuring Paul Johnson, Debbie Qaqish and Colby Renton

Technology is rewriting the marketing playbook. Once mighty companies are becoming obsolete and the marketing profession is rapidly changing. Some will thrive in this environment and it can absolutely be you! Join us for a discussion on managing change – the secret sauce that can make or break career success. Learn the principles of change management and how you can apply them in your work and in your own personal transformation journey.

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Leveraging Content Creation for Client Ready Portfolios

Wednesday, June 10
Featuring Kelly Ann Collins, Kristin Meeks and Mark Tietbohl

Now more than ever, social media is a defining factor in individual and brand credibility. The ability to craft cohesive, engaging content is a crucial skill for job seekers and budding professionals. How can these individuals utilize their own social media channels and content creation abilities to craft a client-ready portfolio for job interviews? Join our expert panel for a discussion about how to craft content that showcases industry-level expertise.

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Navigating a New Reality in Public Relations COVID-19

Tuesday, June 2
Featuring Karen Freberg, Courtney Hughes and Eric Winkfield

Everything has been changing with the outbreak of COVID-19. Live events are cancelled, stores have had to close or run on limited hours while limiting customers in the stores. Knowing how to adjust your communications to your clients, as well as internal audiences, can be difficult. Special guests Karen Freberg, Courtney Hughes and Eric Winkfield will discuss how they are adjusting their public relations in this new reality and how you can adjust yours.

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Communicating and Fundraising in the Midst of Physical Distancing

Tuesday, May 26
Featuring Leandra Clovis, Chuck Harman, Nicole Riggleman Kelly and Kristi Hansen Onkka

In an environment heavily focused on the healthcare industry, communications and operations of these organizations are crucial. With in-person events being canceled, how are development and fundraising opportunities, and related messaging, achieving their goals while addressing the hardship consumers experience? Join experts Leandra Clovis, Chuck Harman, Nicole Riggleman Kelly and Kristi Hansen Onkka as they discuss how organizations are adapting during COVID-19.

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Navigating a COVID-19 Impacted Job Environment

Tuesday, May 19
Featuring Edward Frankel, David Hazelton and Michele Lanza

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses and organizations across the nation to halt operations, cut down staff and impart hiring freezes. With thousands unemployed and the Class of 2020 entering the job market, it is crucial job seekers understand how to position themselves in the job market. Senior talent managers from top agencies come together for this Integrate Online session to talk about the current state and future of the marketing communications hiring market and how to succeed in your job search.

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Differentiating Your Products in a Highly Competitive Market

Tuesday, May 12
Featuring Maria Amoruso, Michael Lynch and Josh Wilson

In a marketplace saturated with products, promotions and messaging, brands may find it extremely difficult to reach and win over consumers. Highly targeted messaging and data-driven campaigns must be developed in order to effectively utilize resources and tight budgets. Special guests Maria Amoruso, Michael Lynch and Josh Wilson share expert insight on how to make your brand stand out.

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Combatting Disinformation During COVID-19

Tuesday, April 28
Featuring Lt. Col. Brian Fickel and Jerry Wood

COVID-19 has created a surge in content creation and saturation of the media. With consumers constantly being bombarded with headlines and updates, it can be difficult to spot what is authentic and true and what is fabricated. Special guests Colonel Michael J. Jackson and Lieutenant Colonel Brian Fickel will discuss how they are combatting disinformation during COVID-19 and talk about experiences working through Russian disinformation.

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Personal Branding to Stand Out in a Tough Job Market

Wednesday, April 15
Featuring Brandi Boatner, Hugo Pérez and Geah Pressgrove

With the COVID-19 global pandemic creating new challenges in the industry, preparing to enter an uncertain job market can feel daunting. With limited companies hiring, new grads and those looking to make a career shift will need to stand out from the crowd. In this special Integrate Online panel discussion, industry experts will share proven effective and creative personal branding strategies that will help you differentiate yourself in a career search in these unprecedented times.

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Pivoting in Higher Ed Amid COVID-19

Tuesday, April 14
Featuring Jack Martin from the University of Washington and Sharon Martin and April Kaull from WVU

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a significant impact on higher education. University administrators have had to make tough decisions on the fly, cancelling in-person classes and graduations, safely moving students out of dorms, training faculty how to teach and students how to learn online, keeping prospective students engaged without bringing them to campus, enhancing technologies so employees can work remotely - all while alleviating fears and reassuring students, families, faculty and staff. This can only be successful with good communication and appropriate communication channels. Our featured guests share how these decisions were made, the challenges and successes, what the higher ed environment looks like now and how all of this might permanently change things for the future.

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Stewardship, Advocacy, Fundraising: What is Working Right Now?

Tuesday, April 7
Featuring Mike Fulton, Cyndi Greenglass, Dana Hines and Alicia Lifrak

Featured guests will discuss what's working and what's not working right now, in the midst of a global pandemic. Guests will explore traditional, online and virtual tactics that can be employed to stay engaged with constituents without the in-person experience. Mike Fulton is helping his clients develop virtual advocacy and communications strategies for the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. In the absence of face-to-face communications, he is helping them find innovative solutions to reach and motivate elected officials and government regulators. Alicia Lifrak is helping a broadband of nonprofits navigate the New Normal with an industry roadmap to finding stability and a course to recovery from human services to health care to cultural institutions. The path ahead is riddled with uncertainty but we are not totally unprepared to meet the moment for the third largest employment sector in the U.S. Dana Hines is providing thoughtful strategies and tactics on the way forward for membership at visitation-based cultural organizations. Planning, communicating and engaging our membership audiences will best prepare our institutions for finding our new path forward as we operate in uncertain times.

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Adjusting Communications and Strategies During COVID-19

Tuesday, March 31
Featuring Whitney Drake, Lindsey Neary and Bill Walsh

Marketing communications professionals all over the world are navigating uncharted territory during the COVID-19 global pandemic. We're communicating with coworkers and the public from home; creating content that addresses fears, health concerns, and even the positive aspects like community outreach and relief support; and learning new technologies and ways to deliver content. During a time of physical isolation, digital communication is vital. In this session, experts address these ideas from different industry perspectives.

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