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Stefanie Moore |

The healthcare industry is vast, encompassing public health, hospitals and medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and sales, nursing homes, diagnostic labs and more. And like every other marketing communications industry, it’s evolving and using technology more and more to reach people. Regardless of the healthcare sector or technologies, skilled communicators are vital. In this Integrate Online session, industry experts explore the best (and most innovative) ways to get important healthcare messaging to people in all reaches of the world.

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Stefanie Moore |

West Virginia made national headlines leading the nation for the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Behind that rollout has been a comprehensive communication plan informed by marketing research performed by WVU’s Public Interest Communication Research Lab. In a matter of a few months, the research team gained an understanding of risk/health beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors related to the pandemic and the vaccine. This informed not just messaging, but how, when, and through what channels the messaging was distributed. Like most health communication, this messaging has a direct effect on people’s lives. Julia Daisy Fraustino, Ph.D., Daniel Totzkay, Ph.D., and Holli Nelson, Maj., M.A., share tips for successful, research-guided crisis, risk and health communication.

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Stefanie Moore |

Through changing times, brands need to consider how best to align themselves with trends and events. During these times, consumers expect the companies they interact with to have integrity and authenticity. How do brands enter a social conversation with honesty and authenticity?

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Stefanie Moore |

In the wake of recent acts of violence against the Black community, another social justice movement has taken hold in the United States. As many Americans explore their individual roles in this movement, how can marketing and communications professionals use their specific skills to both effect change within their organizations and communicate an obligation to diversity, equity and inclusion to their constituents?

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