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RECAP | The In-Demand and Demanding Career of Healthcare Communicators

Featuring Karlie Belle Price, Maddie Earnst, Bonnie Harris, Nikky Luna and Maya Tretheway

The most rewarding and challenging part of a career in healthcare communications is that there is life at the other end. The decisions you make and the information you share can bring comfort, evoke action or inspire change that actually affects a person’s livelihood. It’s an important job and it’s in-demand as the nation grapples with a pandemic and an influx of misinformation. Hear from Maya Tretheway, Karlie Belle Price, Maddie Earnst and Nikky Luna about their day-to-day and the importance of healthcare communicators.

This session is brought to you by the award-winning Public Relations Student Society of America at WVU.

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Meet the Panel

Karlie Price

Karlie Belle Price

Karlie has been the Director of Public Relations and Communications at Boone Memorial Hospital for 16 years.

View Profile: Karlie Belle Price

Maddie Earnst

Maddie Earnst

A 2019 West Virginia University graduate, Maddie currently serves as a marketing consultant at UC Health, the only adult academic health system in the Cincinnati, Ohio region.

View Profile: Maddie Earnst

Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris is the founder of Wax Marketing, Inc. an integrated marketing communications agency.

View Profile: Bonnie Harris

Nikky Luna

Nikky Luna

Nikky Luna ’12, M.S. IMC, has more than 16 years of experience in higher education marketing and public health communications.

View Profile: Nikky Luna

Maya Tretheway

Maya Tretheway

Maya is a Senior Account Executive at FCB Health in New York, NY.

View Profile: Maya Tretheway