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Stefanie Moore |

Higher Education needs marketers who are knowledgeable in the nuances of student recruitment and institutional branding, all with an integrated approach. Learn how to understand your audiences, and leverage your institution’s brand to create strong campaigns that reach them in their unique student journeys. Join Jennifer Gish, Jaime Hunt and Kristin Meeks for “The Ins and Outs of Higher Education Marketing.”

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Stefanie Moore |

The most rewarding and challenging part of a career in healthcare communications is that there is life at the other end. The decisions you make and the information you share can bring comfort, evoke action or inspire change that actually affects a person’s livelihood. It’s an important job and it’s in-demand as the nation grapples with a pandemic and an influx of misinformation. Hear from Maya Tretheway, Karlie Belle Price, Maddie Earnst and Nikky Luna about their day-to-day and the importance of healthcare communicators.

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Stefanie Moore |

Marketers are pros at innovating and adapting to change. It’s the nature of the business. In our annual look ahead, the WVU Reed College of Media is partnering with Comm(s) Fest to rally the pros and discuss trends and predictions for marketing communications in 2022. The College of Media had the nation’s first fully online master’s degree in IMC, which features instructors who are leaders in the industry. 

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