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RECAP | Making Your Mark: Promoting One of the Top Bourbons in the World

Featuring Kaelin Massey, Bob Lauder and Cat Moutoux

Wednesday, November 9

Maker’s Mark has maintained its integrity and traditions from humble beginnings in Kentucky to becoming a globally recognized brand. Doe-Anderson, a creative agency based in Louisville, KY, will join us to discuss how the mission of this legacy brand has stayed true to its roots over the years — all while its marketing evolves. Watch the recording to learn more.

During this session, presenters discussed the origin of the brand, recent environmental and conservation efforts, corporate social responsibility work, PR endorsements, promotion of the spirits and maintaining relationships with those who connect with the brand.

As an added bonus, get a sneak peek at the Maker’s Mark 2022 Holiday campaign to learn how this (soon to be) iconic branding came to life.

This session is brought to you by the award-winning Public Relations Student Society of America at WVU.

Meet the Panel

Kaelin Massey

Kaelin Massey

Kaelin Massey is a strategic public relations account executive with five years of prior experience as an Emmy-award-winning news producer.

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Bob Lauder

Bob Lauder

Bob Lauder joined the agency in 1993 and has worked on a variety of accounts in fields ranging from transportation to sporting goods to healthcare.

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Cat Moutoux

Cat Moutoux

Cat Moutoux is a Maker’s Mark Account Manager at Doe-Anderson. She specializes in strategic campaign development & project oversight for the brand’s North American, Regional, & Private Selection lines of business.

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