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Convince Your Boss

Attending Integrate 2022 will be good for you AND your entire team. Your company will benefit from the information and insights you’ll gain, so prove that to your boss and offer a convincing plan for why you should attend (any why your company should consider covering the cost!).

STEP 1 — Be Prepared

  • Review the full Integrate 2022 conference schedule and identify the sessions that can expand your whole team’s expertise and improve your work.
  • Use this sample letter for your boss. Include the sessions that will have an impact on the company, and name-drop some big-time speakers.
  • Ready your argument that attending Integrate will make you a bigger asset to your company.

STEP 2 — Pick the Right Time to Talk About It

  • Lay the groundwork with the letter, then schedule a brief meeting to state your case in person.
  • Talk about the value. Not only is Integrate the region's best conference for marketing communications professionals, but it's one of the most affordable.
  • Tell your boss you’ll bring back best practices from leading brands.
  • Walk through the conference website together to review the program and speaker lineup.

STEP 3 — Seal the Deal

Offer to schedule a download session with you and the team. Take detailed notes during the conference and create a presentation and/or handouts for your team members. Share ideas for using data to improve communications, influencer marketing and how artificial intelligence is changing the game. And, make virtual introductions between your team and new contacts from Integrate that might be mutually beneficial.

Sample Letter for Your Boss

Hi [Manager Name],

I would like to attend Integrate 2022 June 2-4, 2022 at the West Virginia University Media Innovation Center in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Integrate is a professional conference focused on the latest trends in marketing communications. It attracts industry leaders from around the country. This year's speakers include [SPEAKERS RELEVANT TO YOUR SKILL ASPIRATIONS].

I will be able to discover new ideas, create meaningful connections, learn new skills, and experience hands-on learning in workshops that I can apply in my day-to-day work.

Here are the top three benefits to our company if I attend:

  1. Sharpen my skills. I'll learn how to better use analytics and data to inform marketing decisions; hear the latest on influencer marketing; and see how artificial intelligence is changing the industry. I can't wait to see how we can implement some of these things at [ORGANIZATION NAME].
  2. Make connections. Integrate is one of the region's premier gatherings for marketing communications professionals. I will meet people from across the country who are passionate about our industry. In every session and in every conversation, I’ll be collecting new ideas for working smarter—ideas I’ll bring back to the office the very next day.
  3. Get inspired. Enthusiasm is contagious and there's no better way to get re-inspired than by being surrounded by others who are equally passionate about our field. 

After Integrate, I'll bring back new ideas, best practices, and solutions that we can implement right away. Additionally, I will develop an overview of what I’ve learned and actionable takeaways for the team so that we can work together to move the department and [ORGANIZATION NAME] forward.

The current full-conference registration fee is just $300. This price is available through May 20, 2022.

Please support my attendance at Integrate 2022. Visit to learn more about this professional development opportunity.