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RECAP | Stewardship, Advocacy, Fundraising: What is Working Right Now?

Featuring Michael Fulton, Cyndi Greenglass, Dana Hines and Alicia Lifrak

Featured guests will discuss what's working and what's not working right now, in the midst of a global pandemic. Guests will explore traditional, online and virtual tactics that can be employed to stay engaged with constituents without the in-person experience. Mike Fulton is helping his clients develop virtual advocacy and communications strategies for the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. In the absence of face-to-face communications, he is helping them find innovative solutions to reach and motivate elected officials and government regulators. Alicia Lifrak is helping a broadband of nonprofits navigate the New Normal with an industry roadmap to finding stability and a course to recovery from human services to health care to cultural institutions. The path ahead is riddled with uncertainty but we are not totally unprepared to meet the moment for the third largest employment sector in the U.S. Dana Hines is providing thoughtful strategies and tactics on the way forward for membership at visitation-based cultural organizations. Planning, communicating and engaging our membership audiences will best prepare our institutions for finding our new path forward as we operate in uncertain times.

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