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Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen

Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide and President at Riverside Marketing Strategies

Keynote Speaker: Saturday, June 4 | 5:30 p.m.

"Seismic Marketing Shift: How To Profitably Attract, Nurture and Retain Your Audience"

We’re living through a global period of massive disruption and change.

As a result, people view political, governmental, social institutions and organizations as less trustworthy and effective. So they’re more partisan and divided.

Why does this matter for marketers?

  • Provides opportunities for your business and marketing.

Also, the purchase process has changed. Your customers, purchase influencers and end-users decide how, when and in what order they complete various buying functions. They select the decision-related resources they need via the device or place of their choice, so you may not know they’re in-market.

To succeed, meet customers’ evolving priorities, needs and expectations. Beyond integrating new technologies and business processes, be available and findable via the device of their choice when and where they need you. Or lose them to competitors or substitutes.


  • Understand the changed buying process across channels, platforms and devices.
  • Create a customer-centric approach to build long-term relationships to yield maximum return.


Top Global Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing Influencer, Heidi Cohen runs the award-winning Actionable Marketing Guide and Riverside Marketing Strategies, a marketing consultancy. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies, startups, private equity firms and not-for-profits.

Heidi enables businesses to meet their audiences’ needs and wants through content, within the context of Voice/AI and other evolving technologies. She helps clients understand and apply actionable tactics to execute their marketing strategies. In the process, she develops consensus and community across organizations to deliver measurable financial results.

Heidi started her career at a local New York City newspaper at age 18, where she learned how media works from the inside. She has helped global organizations like Sony, Bertelsmann, The Economist, The New York Times and others to build measurable business value.

As a professor at NYU, CUNY and Rutgers, Heidi has created and taught graduate-level courses in advanced digital marketing, not-for-profit marketing, social media strategy, direct marketing, and finance and analysis for marketers.

Fun fact: Heidi is an avid knitter who will travel to the far reaches of the world for yarn.

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