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Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu

Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics

Keynote Speaker: Friday, June 3 | 8:30 a.m.
"Let's create a Million Social Media Jobs Together"

Students, faculty, and business owners are out of breath trying to keep up with the pace of social media, AI, and technology.

The Grand Canyon sized gap between training and employment threatens our colleges.

We have an opportunity to bridge this gap by systematically sharing what we know, building mentors like Mark Schaefer, and teaching like Karen Freberg-- partnering with the private sector to co-create training and jobs at the same time.

We'll demonstrate how the most prominent influencers and tech companies are partnering to create jobs in the United States, Pakistan, and Philippines. And then look at ways we can all work together.


Dennis Yu has been building brands and teaching marketing for over 13 years.

He specializes in helping young adults grow into leaders of tomorrow by confidently developing their marketing skills through training programs and seminars with enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

Dennis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, CNN, CBS Evening News and co-authored “Facebook Nation” – a textbook taught in over 700 colleges and universities.