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Resume Reviews

Launching the week of March 8, this event will provide you with the opportunity to have your resume reviewed from one of our alumni. We will be matching you based on your career goals and the session should take no longer than an hour. This event is focused for our current students and recent alumni.

The process is outlined below:

  1. Register for the career event and submit your resume below. Please submit your form by March 1, 2021.
  2. After we make the pairings, your matched alumnus will contact you about available times to meet during the event dates.
  3. Connect with your alumnus on time, have a copy of your resume handy and be prepared to receive any constructive feedback they may have.
  4. We will send out a post-event survey for you to complete. While it is not mandatory, we appreciate you taking the time to help us refine the event for the future.

Please do note, our alumni may not be officially trained on resume reviews and their opinions are their own. We are offering this as an opportunity to receive a second look and feedback from those currently working in the industry.

Register by March 1: